Agnès Mentil

Executive & team coach
Managing Director Beyond Performance

Agnes Mentil coaching
  • Coach since 2014, +2000 hours of coaching, of which +750 hours of individual coaching and + 1200 hours of collective, certified PCC ICF
  • Founder and Managing Director of the consulting company Beyond Performance (100 coachs worldwide)
  • Global Cosmopolitan : worked and lived in 4 different countries for over 12 years (USA, Romanie, Germany, France)
  • International agile : worked with 20 different cultures, coached over 45 different cultures
  • MBA, 15 years management in large international companies
  • ICF member logo ICF
Executive coach (business,  systemic, career & leadership)
English – French

Based in Paris and Munich

+49 152 55 600 260
+33 6 68 22 59 85


  • Executive Coach, trained at International Mozaik, certified PCC ICF (International coaching Federation)
    Trained to various tools : 360° tool, Co-Development, MBTI, ORSC, Transactional Analysis, clean language, NeuroLinguisticProgrammation, Intercultural grids & tools, Various managerial approaches, collective intelligence tools…
  • Graduated Grandes Ecoles, MBA, EMLyon (France)
  • Global Leadership Program, IESE Barcelona (Spain)
  • « Global Management », American Management Association (USA)
  • Corporate internal Trainings : project management, lean manufacturing, negociations, conceptor & « train the trainer » on Excellence Systems in Purchasing (+150 people trained worldwide)

My added Value

  • Truly internationally exposed & specialized in international managerial situations & companies
  • Global view of company & business stakes : full value chain ; strategic/operations ; people, performance & financials ; relationships with customers, internals & suppliers
  • Structured, with attention to achieve visible results & impact
  • Energy,Drive & social agility
  • Business, systemic, career & leadership coach, meaning & purpose
  • Pragmatic, realistic & deep

Professional highlights

  • Coach since 2014, +2000 hours of coaching, of which +750 hours of individual coaching and + 1200 hours of collective, certified PCC ICF
  • Founder and Ma,aging Director of the consulting company Beyond Performance (100 coachs worldwide)
  • +15 years in industry
  • + 10 years management (distance, matrix, worldwide, crisis, international, high financial stakes)
  • +12 years working abroad (USA, Romania, France, Germany)
  • +20 years with and within international and cross functional teams
  • +12 years of development of purchasing and suppliers organisations in complex situations (mergers & acquisitions ; change of organisation ; globalisation ; profitability, quality or performance issues ; financial challenges…)
  • Fonctions stratégiques & opérationnelles : stratégie & finance, gestion de projet, bus. dev & ventes, achats
  • Strategic & operational functions : strategy & finance, project management, bus. dev & sales, purchasing

Short bio

  • 2015 : Beyond Performance Managing Director
  • 2013 – 2015 : Faurecia – European PSA Mitsubishi Sales Manager – France
  • 2007-2012 : Faurecia – Global Business Group Acquisition & Program Purchasing Director – France & Romania
  • 2002-2007 : Faurecia – From Buyer to Purchasing Manager – Manufacturing site – USA
  • 2002-2003 : Faurecia – North American controler – USA
  • 2001 : Siemens – Strategic Planning – USA1999-2001 : Danone – Marketing & Business Development – European Beer Market – France

Why am I here today ?

Originally graduated with an MBA , I have experie,ced our VUCA professional world through 15 years of passion, of management, of performance & transformation plans across strategic & operational functions in large international companies, including over 12 years abroad.

I mostly enjoyed the men and women, the teams, in challenging times, going over this together, going over themselves.

In coaching, I came to find collective intelligence methods, influence management and other change levers. I got out alined with deep believes, which refined themselves and continue to do so thanks to experiences, meetings and projects with customers.

I now make the bridge between my 1st career in management of the performance, organisations and men ; and my 2nd career where my coachings focused on the core of each individual.

I now work on these breakthroughs to put in place, with the top executives, their boards, their teams or organisations, to find the right balance between the reality of the corporate and oerformance stakes, the need to put meaning and direction and the equilibrium for them and for the different stakeholders.

A journey ahead, of individual and collective breakthroughs, towards new models where each shall place his cursors, to go « beyond performance »

Better Business, Better World

My style

Meet, connect, Ignite

I like polarities, I enjoy processes with convergence/divergence and naviguete and make others naviguate in between, to find « your way », your agility, yourself

With me, you will go, in the order you wish, from one session to another, during the journey

From past towards present and future

From a deep work, on your identity, your values, your internal drivers, the meaning & directions you give to your actions and the impact you wish to have, with whom, how…

To a work in your reality, very pragmatic, operational, in your situations and behaviors daily

From your personal role, to the one with your team, your organisation

I love the diversity, the deepness and the globality of what we are, of what you are and I integrate it in my role with you

I target a high ambition for you, for us.

All this in trust, with energy, warmth, natural and simplicity.

In short : Energy, Drive and highly sociable

My services

Individual coaching

one-on-one (face,skype, phone)

  • Leadership, management development
  • Executivesn high potentials, women, internationals
  • Onboarding, integration, performance & skills enhancement, new project, change

Topics :

  • Efficiency & Performance,
  • Relationship & Emotional Intelligences & agilities
  • Leadership identity, change agent
  • communication, influence & impact,
  • reles, responsibilities et dynamics,
  • assertivity and self confidence

Team Coaching

(mid to long term work on team dynamics)

  • Trust & collaboration
  • Dare or Solve a conflict
  • Coherence & Performance (on vision, mission, values and action plans)
  • Improve our results & our performance
  • Strech our ambition, learn together, Develop until breakthrough
  • Explore and act differently

Coaching for Groups & Organisation

  • Communication & Impact
  • Inclusive Management
  • Feed back & Performance
  • Negotiation & influence
  • Drive & Innovation
  • New managerial approaches and culture

Programs « Women in Business »

Initiatives & coachings around diversity, including gender

Ambassador and point of contact

For customers on coachs & services of Beyond Performance, anywhere in the world

Form and develop performing teams of coachs and consultants

To deploy projects of performance, change or transformations, anywhere in the world

What my customers are saying about me

« Thanks Agnes for this path which will stay engraved in my memory. When we build, the architect is the intelligence and the transformation catalyst. You are a first-class coach »
Jean-Pierre M.

External Relations Director

I did not know what was coaching, Agnes Mentil helped me through a key moment of my progessional life. After a tough time which generated a lack of self confidence, she has managed to create the conditions so I could verbalise, understand and refocus on my future, able to mobilise the resources I have in my hands, consider solutions while at the same time, she was supporting, encouraging and providing long-term tools.

Agnes has been listening, available, careful, facilitating making me converge towards the targets which we had defined.

Anne-Marie G.

Public services director

« the most important thing is that Agnes Mentil helps me to be more opened to the others and this should make me become a better manager and also a better person. »

Hervé N.

IT Manager

«Agnes, my profound gratitude for the very special coaching journey with you in 2019-2020 in the frame of #Airbus DS #MyWay! Your empathy, your guidance, your tips and tools, your Presence have been key to bring me clarity in all the facets of life, profesional and personal, to identify some blind spots for further work and set a development plan for my future professional steps. My deep recognition for your great work and for leading our women community in Airbus DS to push the limits further. All the best for the future. We stay in touch! »
Raquel Gonzales

Industrial Strategy Senior Manager, Airbus Defense & Space

«If you start reading about executive coaching, you’ll see a lot of « unlock people potential » and « maximise your own performance ». Which is great if you like treating yourself with the same marketing idioms you use for the products or services of your company. But, if you are looking for a deepest and more nuanced approach of your own path, then you should meet Agnes. She is the perfect mirror to face your fears, talents, hopes and expectations. She will help you not to hide anymore things you use to, in a gentle but firm manner, in order to make the most of it. Furthermore, if you like pragmatism and method in this quite intangible area of expertise, you are at the right place. Enjoy your journey. »
Camille Yvinec

Head of Brand Identity chez Paris 2024, Organisation Comitee for Olympics and Paralympics Games 2024

« The entire team joins me to thank you for the quality of the coaching we did. Your maïeutic approach made wonders …THANK YOU. I measure that we have made huge steps and that this is thanks to you ! »
Dominique B.

VP Innovation & Intellectual Property

« Agnes Mentil has the power to bring out the best in an individual »

Niyanta I.

consultancy services, Tata

« Your training still being the best ever that I had ! »
Gilberto F.

Program Manager

« I believe I am a better leader today, thanks to the the coaching I received from Agnes. She strikes a good balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience, concepts and ideas. »
Benjamin F.

Marketing director

« Agnes Mentil brings career development to the next level with a unique combination of world class expertise on coaching as well as profound knowledge on Human behavior. This makes her coaching a unique experience beneficial not only in a professional setup but also on a personal level.»
Achille Benmussa

Head of Customer Solution and Account Management, Allianz Technology

«Coaching with Agnes Mentil has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I was able to sit down and get completely present with myself, and she was there to listen to everything I think and feel. Her methodology is to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges. Agnes does not give a direct answer she will guide you to find it yourself. After my time we spent, I had the confidence to make important decisions in my life and career. Thanks Agnes for your continuous support.»
Abeer Almehairbi

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Total

“Always asking the right questions leading to the solide decisions and introducing concepts that make you look at things – in terms of your resilience, agility and goal-setting – in a completely different way, she provided us the foundation for the meaningful “personal upgrade””
Vera S.

Head of Program Management & Entrepreurship

« Agnès is a beautiful person in al meaning, very professonal in her approach and in her coaching. She knows very well the business world as she has been in different functions and positions during her career »
Hervé V.

Industrial pharmacist

« I would like to emphasize her outstanding sense for active listening and intuition. Considering her rich and diverse background she was always able to make the best interpretation of very diverse professional options and situations. In that sense, Agnes Mentil helped me to overcome the blocking points and make me think with other points of views »

Daniel T.

Commercial strategy

« Thank you a lot for great coaching sessions, which gave me direction for my professional and private life. It was challenging and fun to learn what I’m capable of and how I can improve in the future.»
Sebastian Vornkeller

Vice President, EDAG Engineering GmbH

«Taking a journey, whether it be a family trip or a career path is always about planning. Agnes has helped me to „plan“ and organise what I need to carry on my journey, but more importantly what I can leave behind. She is inspirational and experienced to know the best way to handle each person’s individual requirements. For me it has helped and supported my develop journey. She is truly a great personal coach who I can highly recommend.»
Jason Bysouth

HO Programme Management & Capture Office, Airbus

«Agnes Mentil has worked with me and my eMBA colleagues from EDHEC Business school in 2016 and 2017. Always asking the right questions leading to the solide decisions and introducing concepts that make you look at things – in terms of your resilience, agility and goal-setting – in a completely different way, she provided us the foundation for the meaningful “personal upgrade” during our eMBA journey and substantial growth. Looking forward for our continuing relationship! »
Dr Vera Steiner

Innovation Manager, Hutchinson Drei Austria

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