Coaching & Consulting

“The art of going beyond differences”

Enhancing individual, team and organizational performance

While winning great talent is key for any company building a sustainable business, developing and retaining such talent is even more critical.
Addressing these needs, BEYOND PERFORMANCE offers tailor-made services designed to increase our clients’ effectiveness in leadership & performance :




  • Diagnostic : audit & recommendations for team dynamics
  • Design & delivery of leadership development programs
  • Design & follow up of mentoring programs
  • Collaborative deployment approaches
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching

A common passion

Our consultants share a common passion – leveraging differences to create conditions for individuals and teams to operate beyond performance.

We define ourselves as “performance activators” working with clients to use diverse profiles, roles, countries, organisational structures and ways of functioning to their best advantage.

Our commitments

  1. A systemic approach.
    We explore both human and organisational aspects and dare to mix consulting & coaching approaches for the best interests of our customers
  2. A joint-construction with our customers, around common & shared methodologies across our network and following a strict project mode. Agile, we have a lean structure yet and large and expert network
  3.  Our work is definitively centered on business, results & performance.
    As former directors in operations or strategic roles, we are aware of your concerns and main stakes and are focused on providing a customized answer to your needs in order to allow fast and measurable progress
  4. The expertise, seniority and certification of our consultants.
    Our ability to provide teams of confirmed consultants and certified coaches, with data proven seniority and professional expertise by function profile, industry, field and/or country. In short, we manage the best fit between your needs and our team
  5. The globality of our services, from a geographical standpoint, and also in terms of industry field and types of services (individual, team, organisation, leadership program, mentorship…) allows us to follow you from one need to another, with needs development or internal deployment.

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