“Go, see and explore, step by step”

Flash learnings & workshops

Why did we start flash learnings and workshops ? 

  • In response to a request for shorter and more frequent training (“One learning a day”)
  • To promote co-learning and exchange among colleagues
  • In addition to the traditional training of 2 or 3 days, not always easy to fit in the agendas, and e-learning modules, which lack interaction and support in implementation
  • To create an « oxygen bubble» during or in the middle of busy days and schedules
  • To give ideas and triggers for exercices and tools which enable to go further by yourself
  • To answer to budgetary constraints
  • To keep an organisation dynamic on topics with stakes

Our flash offer Beyond Performance

2-hour workshops, usually at lunch time, bringing together 10 to 20 participants from the same company to explore together a specific topic. Half day format also possible

Possibility to build a customised cycle with several workshops

Providing concrete, simple and powerful tools of personal development. 50% of the time spent in experimenting the tools and exchanging with colleagues

Facilitation in French or English

In option : extend the benefits of the workshop by sending additional resources (articles, videos)


A few Example of topics

Self awareness & Agility

  • Develop your emotional intelligence at work
  • Learn to manage your own energy
  • Prioritise and manage your time
  • Identify and leverage your unique talents
  • Discover your MBTI profile

Awareness & Agility to Others

  • Better live changes and get out of your comfort zone
  • Better communicate
  • Better make decision
  • Dare challenging discussions
  • Better collaborate with MBTI

Awareness & Agility to the World

  • Intercultural & international awareness
  • Intergeneration awareness
  • Gender diversity awareness
  • Diversity & Inclusion awareness
  • Build and maintain a professional network

Example of modalities

Co development

  • Structuration & set up of learning communities

Environmental Awareness

  • Climate fresco
  • Workshops on individual or team deployment actions

Stress & Emotion management

  • Sophrology
  • Mindfulness
  • Mental preparation
  • Sport & business connection and mirror effect

Retirement Preparation workshops

Coaching on demand : one coach on site available with no appointment

Small group  of discussion or sharing – 30 to 90 minutes : free or framed around a specific topic, with or without academic content and/or action trigger

Lunch & learn formats – unit or combined, presential or remote