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Management & Leadership Program

Our offer

We design in partnership with you tailor-made programmes, which usually include in-person workshops, e-learning and coaching. 

  • We target innovative, agile, concrete and focused approaches based on the deep understanding of your stakes
  • Our customers particularly appreciate our positive energy, our business orientation and our willingness to place the human being at the center of the transformation

Our leadership model

Role, ability to enable, impact and grow/generate

Values, Meaning and Purpose



Agility to others and relationship intentions

Self awareness and emotional intelligence

Ability to read and act the systems

A few examples

  • Leadership development program for R&D manager (automotive sector)
  • Managerial development for managers of managers (telecom sector)
  • 12-month program : Accompagnement sur 12 mois : develop a managerial posture of managers and embody the management transformation, promote initiative, agility, conflict management and operational, support teams towards new deinition of their roles and ways to deploy them, enable change (restauration sector) 
  • 9-month program to develop agility, innovation, courage. Workshops, individual coachings, co-development
  • Training program for managers in Professional transition : presential and remote small groups, individual coachings
  • 6-month training programme on feedback for all managers
  • Leadership development program for a woman community (aeronautic sector)
  • Training program for career transition & professional transition

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