„Our coach all share the same DNA“

Our service for coach

  • As Beyond Performance coach, we all have a solid academic background (MBA, engineering degree, PhD…), we have worked in management roles in in companies
  • We have lived abroad and experienced international mobility and consequences on self, family and work, enabling us to become adaptative and more agile
  • We are all trained from reknown certifying coaching institutes and are monitored in our practice, self development and coachee’s feed back
  • We have various level of seniority in coaching, yet our average coaching experience is of 10 years (10,4 years)
  • Our corporate management experience average 16 years (16,5)
  • Our exposure to international environments and stakes is real with over 11 years abroad as average (11,7)
  • Each of us is on a self awareness and self development journey
  • We believe that in this journey, we are stronger together, « I learn and grow together » and we are ready to contribute to a collective journey
  • We align on practices, try, innovate and act together

« To support you in this journey », we can offer

Mentoring to prepare for ICF certification

Supervision in English

Peer mentoring

Individual coaching on specific topics for coach (personal branding, commercial approach, relationship intelligence…)

Learning circle

Want to join us ?

If you are interested to join us, and feel you share as similar mindset as ours, please contact us and we will be in touch.

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