Delphine Macquet

Executive & team coach
Associate Partner Beyond Performance

Agnes Mentil
  • Lived and worked in France and in Sweden
  • International agile : studied and worked with people, departments and companies from the 5 continents
  • 15 years in large international companies
  • Your contact for North Europe, our Mobility programs, Partnerships
  • ICF member
Executive and Team coach (business, systemic, crosscultural, career & leadership)
English – French
Based in Paris, France
+33 6 30 70 78 27


  • Professional coach, certified training EMCC at Linkup Coaching (RNCP1 – Master 2 level), Crosscultural trainer, Hofstede Insights training
  • Certified in Mental performance, in Dynastrat Personal Assessment
  • Trained to Neuropedagogy (IF Paris), to Professional Orientation (Cogitoz Paris)
  • Corporate internal training : leadership program, customer loyalty program (NPS certified)
  • Strategic intelligence in international corporate development education

My added Value

  • Truly internationally exposed & specialized in intercultural management
  • 360 view & understanding of company stakes : full value chain, strategic/operations, people & financials
  • Structured, with attention to results & impact achievement
  • Energy & Drive yet sociable & friendly
  • Business, systemic, career & leadership coach, welcoming deeper work

Professional highlights

  • Experience in the Public sector, Strategy Consultign firms and Big Service Companies
  • + 10 years on international project management
  • + 15 years with and within international and crossfunctional teams
  • + 15 years Competitive and strategic intelligence focusing on Human performance in and out the company working with Executive teams as Middle Managers and employees in France and abroad
  • +12 years Intrapreneurship
  • Strategy & operational functions : Strategic planning, project management, Customer services, Sales
  • +3 years business founder
  • 3 years living and working in Scandinavia

Short bio

  • 2018 : Beyond Performance Associate Partner
  • 2016 – 2019 : CrossRoads Intelligence Sweden Founder (Strategic and Professional Coaching for Expatriates)
  • 2013 – 2015 : Automatic Data Processing – Head of Market & Strategic Intelligence, France & International
  • 2007-2013: Automatic Data Processing – Competitive Intelligence Manager, France
  • 2004 – 2007 : Roland Berger Strategy Consultants – Research Analyst
  • 2003-2004 : French International Relations Cabinet in French Finance Ministry, Assistant & Analyst to the Intelligence Deputy Advisor

Why am I here today ?

Graduated in strategic intelligence, I have developed over the years the vision that performance was lead to knowing one’s organisation, highlithing its strengts, working on its weakneses rather than trying to crush competition, whether it were internal or external to the company. From Data intelligence, I moved to Human intelligence : Strategic intelligence became a means of collaboration between departments, a means of achieving everyone’s objectives in relation with the economic and global targets of the groups an individual belongs to.


I found in the coaching approach and methodologies the way to go even further in my fight against silos and help people build bridges : support people and teams find all the resources they have in themselves, be able to communicate them to be understood and adapt their actions to their environment.


For me, powerfull performance lays in the ways each individual and teams manage to find a way between its identity, how it lives it, the way others live their identity and the reality of business stakes.


I am therefore working with executives and teams to find their best way to reach a sustainable high level performance for themself and for the company they work within.

My style

Connect, confront, soothe
I see coaching as a martial art training: connecting with my partner, finding the right tempo and technics, then fasten and adapt the move to make all our energy comes out in a flow. My role is to be a sparring partner to my customers.

I am stretching them to have a global pictures and be able to focus on details, pushing them to go out of their confort zone, soothe them all the way to anchor their new habits, aligning Performance and Human intelligence.

3 circles :

  1. Be self aware and run out with your colours
  2. Open up
  3. Listen, adapt and influence your environments

In short : Breath, focus and challenge to break all silos down

For more than 15 years, I have dealt with people and companies struggling to find the right information and then try to do something efficient with it, on a strategic or operational level. They often either started from the information itself instead of the targets they or their counterparts wanted to achieve or from trying to find externally an intel that was already available internally.

Once they had it in the right format, they were struggling to make it be understood by other departments or subsidiaries. This is when I decided to focus on Human Intelligence, to recognize the internal knowledge, make people be able to work efficiently and smoothly alltogether

My services

  • Individual coaching, one-on-one (face, skype, phone)
    • Career
    • Leadership, management development
    • New job, new position
    • Expatriation, Impatriation
    • New project – personal or professional
  • Team coaching (medium to long term work on team dynamics)
  • Team building (one time event for team cohesion)
  • Crosscultural awareness program (countries, expertises, generations…) – Individual, team and Strategic & Business coaching to increase collaboration internally and with customers
  • On Boarding & Leadership Programs – Systemic, Aligning Individual and Corporate goals
  • Professional transition programs from Youth to Executives
  • Stress and Priority management programs through coaching, business technics & Martial Arts technics
  • Facilitate Beyond Performance Staffing anywere in the world, managing Partnerships to offer customers an aligned and Quality support

What my customers are saying about me

«Delphine Macquet has been a great guidance for me. She is very adaptable and can very well understand when it is the right moment to suggest a framework (based on a validated methodologies). She can also sense when it feels appropriate to be an active listener, and leave some time to mature thoughts.
I would undoubtedly recommend Delphine to someone who finds herself facing difficulties in achieving or re-defining professional growth.»

Yohan D.

eCommerce Strategist

“Your help has been invaluable, so I always recommend you.”

Jeanne A.

Marketing & Sales Manager

« Our exchange has activated new forces and that’s exactly what I need. All this is not by chance…  A huge Thank you, Delphine Macquet !»



«Delphine Macquet is the best coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with. And I hope to have the possibility also in the future to enjoy her professional advice.
She is … a natural. This career was meant for her and she was meant for this career… She manages to perfectly combine her technical knowledge of the field with a lot of empathy. Due to her track record and her international background she can work with a lot of different profiles.
On the top of this she knows how to adapt to the level and background of her discussion partner. To speak with her is always easy, the communication is fluid, efficient.
The theory or methodology she uses remains hidden and never pops up in her words. Whatever the moment in your life, whatever the advice you need, you never feel stigmatized. You feel helped, supported, respected, stimulated. And what you feel above all is that she is driven by an unstoppable willingness to help, guide, enlighten.»

Hélène S.

International Sales Manager

« I thank you for our discussions, the questions and the progress that they have generated for me. »


“Easy access, very interesting in discussions. A great Trainer, Delphine Macquet !”

Dir. Magasin

«I wanted to thank you again for your support over the past few months. This week, following our last session, I wrote an action plan that puts me in a good dynamic and allows me to consider this new school year “differently”. And it is thanks to our work together. (…) Thank you Delphine Macquet !»

Catherine L.


« Thank you for this personalized coaching session which really came at the right time. Thank you for your kindness and time.»

Real Estate Executive Manager

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  • 6 rue Nina Berberova
    92100 Boulogne
  • +33 6 30 70 78 27

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