Why how what  –  The Leader Source ?

Why – The Leader Source ?

Our current world, VUCA nonetheless COVID, creates disconnection and in a way loneliness and no situation deserves to be faced alone, personal and professional …

  • When your company does not sponsor your coaching or leadership journey, or you do not wish them to know or to do so
  • When you know you need a sparring partner to go further, make a decision, get a special push
  • For your life long development journey
  • When your career enrichs and you need support for the loop of progress ahead
  • When you want to explore deeper part of yourself : purpose, vision, values and connect to your core


A source is a place to get whatever you need : water, food …knowledge, advice, information, space, humanity.

We intend to be a trustworthy, reliable, professional, authentic and global source for you, and for your personal development as a leader.

Therefore, we are like you, on a development journey with you and will make this page evolves accordingly, over time, to follow your needs and inputs.

Alive, modular and agile, with you, for you.


We are starting with 4 paths for you today :


for thought

Post, blogs, link to others recommended source


to grow

Different value proposition to chose from and think about, because you need it and deserve it



to explore

A person to talk to, to help materialize a new space for an idea, a project, a step to be made


to express

The power of a small group of peers to explore, grow and exchange together

Food for thoughts

Sometimes, in your development journey and/or in your decision process, you are at the stage to read, learn, and let ideas and knowledge connect freely.

This is what this section is about.

Provide you with some tips and advice on some leadership topics, some links to some of our posts and some other useful links.


Encourage Your People

Encourage Your People

Explain Your Decisions

Explain Your Decisions

Be Visible

Be Visible

Remember that body language is cultural

Remember that body language is cultural

Adopt an open posture

Adopt an open posture

Sit comfortably still in meetings

Sit comfortably still in meetings

Eye contact

Eye contact

Observe hands

Observe hands

Pretend you are good at it anyway

Pretend you are good at it anyway

See mistakes as mis-takes

See mistakes as mis-takes

Nurture to grow

Sometimes, in your development journey, what you need is an actual support of content, regular moments for you to progress, a specific momentum which you will take for yourself, supported by another person, to fuel and nurture what you are about to live, become or experience. This is our path number 2 for you.

Based on our experience and the situation our coachees are bringing to us and asking us for support, we have designed 8 different packages.

You will not find detailed information about them, neither prices on the webiste. Considering such a journey is a special decision which requires time, trust and reflexion.

The filter can help you identify which package(s) could be a best fit for you.

Your first step in your development journey will be to tell us which one(s) you would like to know more about.

We will then send you the value proposition with all details and information, and help you explore on your exact needs to trigger the next steps together.

  • Are you...

  • How old are you ?

  • Management level

  • Modalities

  • Topics of relevance

Found 8 Pakage(s)


The 2 hour Discussion

2h one to one discussion


Time to rebound

9h one to one coaching


Onboarding booster

12h one to one coaching


Professional Mobility

12h one to one coaching


Skills & Career Assessment

12h one to one coaching


Women Leadership Development

9h one to one coaching

To receive more information, please provide additional information or book a slot to discuss it personally


Space to explore

You know something is here but you are not clear yet what, you know it will be better if you start to verbalize it, be heard in those first words, allow yourself to just say it and go from there

This is what this path is about.

Take a moment, create a space to speak, to listen, to question, reformulate, explore.

Whenever you are ready …we are

Call me, your sparring partner Agnes for a moment, and let’s see where to go from there.


Trust to dare

For you, We have designed a path called « the loop of trust »

The Loop of Trust provides a unique and powerful opportunity for eight volonteers to share and reflect with each other on their biggest challenges, providing unbiased and experience-based input to build resilience and fulfillment, to solve life and professional’s challenges and grow together over a 6 month period.

Each Loop of Trust will meet for 90 minutes remotely in a safe and structured setting where we can share our current challenges and ideas with our peers from all around the world to allow for experience sharing and support. These will be professionally facilitated and the groups will be kept small to allow for more engagement and individual participation.


What to expect :

  • Find a safe space to authentically share
  • Connect with leaders in other industries, countries and situations
  • Gain inspiration for solutions going forwards

To join, please leave your contact information below mentioning « Loop of Trust » so we can send you the registration process steps and answer any question you may have.