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” Working with my coach together I could reach my objectives in few sessions and with different type of work I was able to confirm and plan better my career change.

I would like to emphasize her outstanding sense for active listening and intuition.

Considering her rich and diverse background she was always able to make the best interpretation of very diverse professional options and situations.

In that sense, she helped me to overcome the blocking points and make me think with other points of views.”

Daniel P.

” It enabled mo to look at the situations and facts with a more strategic view, to pause and take the time.
I am the same, but stronger, better equipped, to go in positions where we have more visibility and to take challenges “
Fabienne R.

“The year 2019 has been clearly a turn in my way to experience my professional journey and also my personal vision of my private life. Thanks to the work we did, I know myslef better. I was not aware of my ressources, I identied them and used them to grow.

My evolution and my pleasure found again to work, to accomplish tasks, to project objectives realistic yet ambitious are now key drivers for me.

The pleasure in my professional life has come back in my daily work. All this was made possible thanks to our meeting. Not easy at the beginning !
I, the « follower », had to unveil, learn how to say what I wish, learn how to show what I have been hidding for too long. The fit has been immediate, I felt at ease and in trust from the beginning of our sessions.

I smile sometimes when I use one of the tool you shared to make a situation, professional or personal, evolve. Whenever I feel a bit down, I booste myself remembering some of our sessions where you made me go outside of my comfort zone.”

Franck G.

” She asked the right questions that lead me to solid reflections and decisions.
She helped me focus and prioritize. She strikes a good balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience, concepts and ideas.

She always pinpoints the true substance of a situation, and did not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.
I now look at problems in different ways, finding meaningful solutions.
Most importantly, I believe I am a better leader today, thanks to the coaching I received . “

Benjamin F.

” I thank you for the quality of our exchanges, your relevance, your empathy, your clear vision, without compromise.
I loved those moments, even if it shook me, it did me so much good ! “
Cathy G.

” I wanted to thank you for your support. Thank you for all your brought to me, for the numerous « eurêka » I got and to help me to see clearer, to accept myself and to « grow ».”
Aurelia C.

“Thanks to the coaching, I could understand my relationship to the Other and its modulations, the levers ; Be more in balance of spontaneity/control and synchronise internal/extrenal. I am now more open to go where it can pinpoint. “
Nicolas G.

” I really liked the coaching and what it did to me afterwards. “
Sebastian V.

” You are the best person I have met in the past years and have changed my life. “
Alvaro P.

” Go with a open mind, no preconceptions and discover the journey she can take you on to understand self awareness. The coach is an expert for this subject.
You will be surprised about what you can discover about yourself through her guidance. “
Jason B.

“I have the feeling I have cleaned, put things in order and to be more alined. I am more aware of my path, what I have done, the impact I had, what I have accomplished.
I feel more centered, there is a load of lessons learnt, tools, material. “
Raquel G.

“X is a beautiful person in all meaning of the word, very professional in her coaching approach and who known very well the corporate world, having experienced different postions and roles in her career. I could appreciate the preparation work prior to the sessions, the generous listening which enables to answer the most precisely possible to the need of the moment. It is as well an asset to be able to contact her by email in between sessions, when we have additional questions or wish to go deeper on one aspect. The tools and approaches are pragmatic, relevant, easy to use and truly effeicient. Thank you so much for your support in my change !”
Hervé V.