“The journey to go higher, faster, better… together”

The firm

An international coaching, training & leadership development consulting firm rich of 100 consultants, executive coaches and leadership trainers across the globe

Armed with a breakthrough vision, we are supported by methods that promote sustainable ways to foster and develop new competencies, individual leadership skills, improve team performance, evolve and transform your organisation’s culture

Offering a global scope including coaching, consulting and training solutions to explore with our clients the best options for their personalised breakthrough

We embody trust, agility & proximity with our clients as core values : Providing the relevant local and global presence with solutions tailored to our client’s needs and evolution aspirations

Our values

Focused on you :

Trust, listen & co-construction

Daring & Entrepreneurial :

Agile & Lean

Proximity :

Be Globally Local

Guiding principles :

A sustainable customer relationship & transformation

Beliefs & Governance

Our consultants share a common passion & our guiding principles – we believe that openness enables the conditions which allow individuals, teams and organisations, to become more innovative and adaptable, to breakthrough together and to operate “beyond performance”.


Our approaches, deployed in the reality and the operational contexts of our customers, are fundamentally centered on the individual, built on logic from inside-out and aim to develop a visible autonomy by progressively reducing the frequency of our interventions.


Our behaviors and approaches enable the system to operate naturally, in an adaptable and innovative manner … until the next breakthrough.


The story and journey of Beyond Performance are based in a deep desire from the founder to create a ‘free’, autonomous, learning, self-regulated, regenerative system.


The journey is by itself the essence of iterative, agile learning. This has determined our gouvernance, the way to collaborate, our methods & customer value propositions.


We are inspired by the latest thinking in managerial innovation, which we are living, testing, deploying together and through which we experience our own collaborative leadership journey.

Follow our structured approach

A project mode approach in 4 steps: the 4D

– Demand analysis

  • Questioning on objectives, aims, intent and meaning

– Co-Diagnosis of the situation

  • Open Exchange
  • Set up of the “Change compass”


Design of the Approach : methods, tools

  • Collective programs, Coaching, Mentoring, mix of solutions…

Organization of the project management

  • Set up of follow up tool & indicators, communication frame

– Analysis of the  program progress

– Open & transparent communication

– Corrective actions if needed


– Evaluate, improve and question

  • Evaluation Questionnaires

– Celebration

  • Enlighten the efforts and progress

– Enlarge, fertilize, broaden scope and project towards the future


Discover our approach and methodology

The change with beyond performance: a style, a spirit, an experience, a relationship

A unique style

  • Senior & certified consultants and coaches
  • Professional experiences in operational and management roles
  • A mix of consulting and coaching approaches when required for the client stakes & sakes
  • Proven methodologies, shared within our network

Our business & coaching experience provides strong credibility towards coachees and teams

Our priority: business, results, impact

  • An approach focused on providing the best answer to your needs, in order to allow fast and measurable progresses
  • A culture of impact
  • A robust project management to align to your goals and deadlines

Our commitment is translated into the set up of results indicators

An answer tailored to best fit your needs

  • Joint-construction with all the stakeholders
  • Agility thanks to our lean organization
  • Global services: geography and skills

Our approaches are tailored to suit your context, issues, culture & coaching & managerial maturity

We live what you live

  • A systemic approach, including amongst us
  • Autonomy and alignment on methodologies with our customers
  • Remote, matrix & network management, like you
  • Short term results together and sustainability in the long run…

Our way of acting within our network reflects your challenges